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If you are looking for professional building tools, paint rollers, masking tapes or an original idea how to decorate or renovate walls – you have found the right place.

COTTON-WALL has been in business since 1997 and is a manufacturer of high-quality hand tools, paint rollers, paint accessories, masking tapes and decorative cotton wall cotings, renowned in Poland and Europe.




What makes the construction tools made by COTTON-WALL unique is the extreme precision of the manufacturing process, the use of the best materials, and their extraordinary durability. Thanks to this they are ideal for professional, long-term, and intensive use on the construction site.


The building tools made of hardened spring steel have excellent resistance to permanent set. They retain linearity and geometry of the top even after long use under high strain. The top-quality hardened high-carbon steel ensures unique abrasion resistance of the working parts. Each working top is polished to obtain optimal geometry of the section. We give 10-year warranty for the connection of the joint and the hardened spring steel tops.


The top of all stainless steel construction tools is manufactured with special attention paid to all edges and their linearity. The work surface is polished and perfectly smooth. The aluminum joint (long floats) or the aluminum profile (putty knives) make the fastening stable, even, and durable. The use of high-quality steel provides excellent flexibility, and the tools regain their original shape after strain. We give 5-year warranty for the connection of the joint and the stainless steel tops.

If you try our construction tools, you will use them ever after, because they will never let you down.





Paint rollers made by COTTON-WALL are the highest European quality. Perfect for professionals, where fast work is required to application on large surfaces. Persistence of the fabric and its exceptional resistance allow multiple use. Specially selected fabrics for easy selection of the appropriate roller for each type of paint, paint, primer, stains, resins, and the existing textures of walls and ceilings.


Our range of paint roller covers all uses: to rare paint and dense single painting, the interior walls, facades, wooden flooring, industrial flooring, wood, resins, adhesives, etc. Rollers for the most demanding applications have fur beveled sides. This prevents the formation of traces connections between strips of paint applied.


The most technologically advanced fabric rollers "POLYCRON" and "BLACK & SILVER" are extremely resistant to wear and tear. Additionally have a special micro-split bristle ends, which increases the absorbency and prevent splashing during high-speed painting.

If you require the highest quality while painting - just try the paint rollers made by COTTON-WALL




The quality of masking tapes is often underestimated at the construction site. Meanwhile, the selection of suitable tapes saves your time and money. On the market there are many products which look quite similar. But it takes only the first use and immediately know if the tape helps us or interferes at work and requiring the amendments.


The key is to select high-quality base of tape material and ingredients of adhesives. Therefore, masking and facade tapes production COTTON-WALL are made from high quality materials and adhesives. We do not accept in this regard any compromise, ensuring the highest quality available in Europe. Thereby properly selected materials masking tapes COTTON-WALL retain the required flexibility, not separating from the substrate to which they are intended, well hold on to even dusty walls, leaves no glue and provide equal cut-off.


Check out our internal masking tapes, resistant to moisture and UV radiation external tapes, PVC flexible and mesh reinforced facade tapes. We're sure you will not disappointed with their quality.




Decorative COTTON-WALL plaster is designed for decoration and renovation of interiors, both walls and ceilings. Its history comes from the Land of the Rising Sun, where it has been already used for ages. It consists of 100% natural cotton fibres, mixed with water-soluble bonding agent, and attractive colour additions. It is an original and exotic alternative for popular paints, wallpapers and “cold” mineral plasters.


COTTON-WALL coating can be used on every kind of walls and ceilings: directly on bare concrete, existing plaster or paints, plasterboards, wood, styrofoam and many other surfaces. It can be applied with a roller or a special spray-gun.


The product has the certificates permitting the usage in residential and public buildings. Surfaces covered with the COTTON-WALL cotton plaster meet the strict norms of incombustibility, allowing the usage not only on walls, but also on ceilings.